Article reprints

ZATZ can provide you with a license to print and distribute reprints of our articles

ZATZ now offers a quick, easy, flexible and inexpensive way to use article reprints in your marketing and promotion efforts. Reprints are available for all our magazines: DominoPower, OutlookPower, WebSpherePower, Connected Photographer, and Computing Unplugged. Reprints are also available for articles in out-of-print publications including PalmPower, PalmPower's Enterprise Edition, and Pocket PC Life/Windows CE Power.

"Now you can get article reprints for a one-time fee of only $500."

As we've talked to customers, we've found that many of you want flexibility in your reprints. Rather than just doing a bulk print buy of a given article, you want the ability to get a small volume, black and white, color, or any combination thereof.

ZATZ E-Prints

Rather than forcing you to do a multi-thousand dollar printing buy, we've developed ZATZ E-Prints. E-Prints provide you with maximum flexibility.

When you purchase an E-Print, we provide you with an Adobe Acrobat PDF file containing your E-Print. When you purchase this article E-Print, you'll also get a license to print and redistribute the article on paper to whomever and in whatever quantity you desire.

You are welcome to give this PDF file to your commercial printer for reproduction and/or print limited copies on your desktop printer. The only restrictions are that you may not change the article, remove the copyright, or any byline information and, of course, you may not change the content itself.

We produce our reprints using Adobe Acrobat, and using the "Press Output" setting in Acrobat Distiller. Here's how Adobe describes this setting:

The Press job options are suggested for PDF files that will be printed as high-quality final output to an imagesetter or platesetter, for example. In this case, file size is not a consideration.The objective is to maintain all the information in a PDF file that a commercial printer or service bureau will need to print the document correctly.This set of options downsamples color and grayscale images at 300 dpi, monochrome images at 1200 dpi, embeds subsets of all fonts used in the file, prints to a higher resolution, and uses other settings to preserve the maximum amount of information about the original document.PDF files created using the Press job options are compatible with Acrobat 4.0 or later only.

There is a lower-resolution setting in Acrobat called "Print Output" that is intended for desktop printers. Our testing shows that the Press Output setting works quite well on desktop color printers, but if you discover you're having any output problems, please feel free to contact us.

Ordering your E-Prints

E-Prints are easy to order. Table A shows the details.

Table A: ZATZ E-Prints
ZATZ E-Print (unmodified article)$500 (includes PDF file and license to print and distribute)
Rush charge (2-business day turnaround)add'l $500
Article or format customizationPriced based on time and materials

Notes: Payment for E-Prints is to be made by credit card or check before the PDF and license is assigned. Allow up to two weeks for your reprint to be created. When ordering, please specify the exact ZATZ URL of the article to be reprinted.

To get your ZATZ E-Prints, send an email to with your credit card number and the URL of the article you want reprinted. If you have any questions, feel free to call 321-722-4620.