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ZATZ is located in beautiful, sunny Palm Bay, Florida.

ZATZ Publishing

ZATZ Publishing was one of the first technology magazine publishers on the Internet. Today, ZATZ continues to reach hundreds of thousands of readers with news updates focusing on IBM and Lotus IT, email and online safety, digital lifestyle, and a new, experimental site that tracks American politicians. ZATZ publishes world-changing books on improving White House IT security, reinvigorating America's role in the global economy, and reinventing business.

ZATZ is also home to David's ZATZ labs projects, where he develops breakthrough technologies like the ZENPRESS enterprise content management system and the AI Editor, a dynamic content analysis and editing system based on innovative artificial intelligence algorithms and heuristics.

ZATZ is a unit of Component Enterprises, Inc.

PO Box 110579
Palm Bay, FL 32911
(321) 722-4620
FAX: (321) 406-1001