Reader demographics

Our readers control technology budgets well in excess of a billion dollars

Here at ZATZ, we regularly take the pulse of our readership through a combination of methods that includes quick polls, intensely deep surveys, questions posed to readers, and, always, direct feedback from individual readers to us on a nearly infinite variety of topics.

Based on the results of this interaction with our exceptional audience, we have a deep understanding of our readers. Throughout this page, you'll have the opportunity to gain an insight into these fabulous folks.

Here at ZATZ, we look at this issue from two sides. It's obviously critically important to create ROI on behalf of our advertisers, but we also keep an eye out for our readers, actively encouraging our advertisers to create value for our readers. This synergy has always worked well, which is why you'll often see ads in our magazine being very effective -- and why our readers often look forward to new ads as well as new articles.

Purchasing power

Since we're talking about advertising in this section of our site, it stands to reason that one of the most important factors in your decision-making process will be whether or not the people you advertise to will have the means to purchase your products and services.

We once did a serious of across-the-board calculations and conservatively determined that our readers controlled technology budgets well in excess of a billion dollars.

Interestingly 14.9% spend more than $25M a year on technology, another 17.1% spends between a million and $24.9M and yet another 22.9% spends from $50K to $999,999 a year on technology. So, we're talking about more than half our readers whose companies will be spending at least $50K on technology in the next 12 months. Nearly 100% have some role in purchasing technology in their companies, which range pretty equally across all sizes.

Server demographics

Let's look at our readers' server environments. The following was asked of our DominoPower readers:

The following Exchange server question was asked exclusively of our OutlookPower readers:

International reach

Most of our readers are inside the United States. But we do have a pretty measurable reach outside the U.S. as well:

Online habits

OK, so here's the thing. There's no polite or gentle way to say this. Our readers are online addicts. On one level, we're thrilled, because this level of addiction means opportunities for our advertisers. On another level, it scares us a bit.

Here's a fascinating one for our advertisers. 34.9% of our readers have bought online within the past month and another whopping 46.3% have bought online within the LAST WEEK!

The next few items tell the story of our readers personal online usage patterns:

Personal demographics

Here are some further details about our readers' socio-economic status: