Digital lifestyle

Computing Unplugged Magazine's editorial coverage of the digital lifestyle includes hundreds of reviews and hands-on reports of gear of all types.

Unlike most gadget-oriented and publications, Computing Unplugged goes beyond the buy, diving deep into in-depth solutions. Computing Unplugged is all about getting the most out of your tech before and after you buy it. If it once was wired and now it's not, it's unplugged. Computing Unplugged.

Computing Unplugged Magazine was started as PalmPower Magazine in 1998. At the time, it was focused on Palm handhelds. In 2003, PalmPower became Computing Unplugged, when it merged PalmPower, PalmPower's Enterprise Edition, Pocket PC Life, and WindowsCEPower Magazines. As PDAs evolved into a rich world of mobile consumer electronics, Computing Unplugged evolved into what it is today: a rich and fascinating look at all aspects of the digital lifestyle with more than 16,800 articles in its database.

Computing Unplugged is known for its ruthless reviews. Readers are asked, "Can any product survive unscathed?" and are promised, "Don't buy until you read!" But reviews are not all that Computing Unplugged covers. It also does breakthrough investigative reporting, like its nine-article special report series on the dangers and promises of "Broadband over Powerline" technology.

Computing Unplugged Magazine covers all aspects of the digital lifestyle from phones to tablets, car tech, home entertainment, games, laptops, netbooks, social networking, government tech, green tech, and even robotics, pet gear, fitness, and kitchen gear. Its popular "Six Months Later" series that helps readers understand whether their purchases will stand the test of time.

Finally, in addition to its in-depth reviews and previews, Computing Unplugged publishes daily news updates on the happenings in the world of mobile technology and everything that's cool in the world of tech.