Inside our Weekly Update mailings

Weekly Updates are a great way to reach readers through their inbox

ZATZ magazines come in two forms: the Weekly Update mailing and the online magazine. The online magazine is accessible at all times and archives all back issues. The weekly mailings are delivered directly to our expert and enthusiast audience.

For more information on our online magazines, click here. For more information on our Weekly Updates, read on.

Everyone who gets a weekly mailing has signed up and expressed their interest in the topics covered. The combination of direct delivery, opt-in, enthusiastic interest, plus excellent content makes the weekly mailings excellent marketing vehicles.

The format of ZATZ Weekly Updates

ZATZ Weekly Updates are delivered to readers inboxes in HTML format. The HTML format allows us to present the newsletter in a clear, easy to read format, with each section clearly visible. Ads are vibrant, obvious, and very compelling. And both ads and content co-exist nicely in the same mailing, due to our user-tested (with our very active and very involved audience, it'd probably be more accurate to call it "battle tested") mailing layout.

The following graphic shows the anatomy of a complete mailing. We're using OutlookPower as an example, but each of our Weekly Updates follow the same format (although the colors often differ).

Below the anatomy graphic are examples of each ad format available.

Anatomy of a Weekly Update

Here's a sample issue, shrunk down and annotated for your viewing pleasure:

This is a view of the typical ZATZ email update. In this case you're looking at a teeny-tiny representation of our OutlookPower Magazine.

ZATZ email updates are sent out to readers on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th of each month (with a day or so adjustment to account for weekends and holidays).

Advertising is made available in two blocks. The first block is placed above the tip and article content area. The second block is placed just before the weekly news update.

Mailing text ad format (creative specs)

Mailing ads consist of up to 50 words of text, a headline, a link (with link text) and an optional (but highly recommended) graphic (of no more than 45K).

Please note that the ad example above has been shrunk down about 30% to make it fit on this page. Real ads running in the ZATZ update mailings are larger.

QuickClick ad format (creative specs)

QuickClicks are great budget advertising opportunities. Consisting of a 10-word headline, a link, and link text, creative writing will often get you powerful results.