Publishing services

A spectrum of business building tools

ZATZ Publishing Services can help you build your brand, help your customers understand your products, and provide a library of online 24/7 resources to support your customers. Among the resources we offer are:

  • Advertising in our popular magazines
  • Sponsoring dedicated email "blasts"
  • Custom sponsor articles in our magazines
  • Logo sponsorship for one of our magazines
  • Your own custom magazine

Let's talk about each of these options in turn.

Advertising in our popular magazines

If you want to reach the IT gurus with some of the biggest IT budgets, high-income consumers, and those who love gear and gadgets, marketing in one or more of the ZATZ magazines is a great way to go.

You can also market across magazines with some of our run-of-ZATZ programs. For example, if you have a mobile email solution for the enterprise, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck if you advertise in WebSpherePower, DominoPower, OutlookPower, and Computing Unplugged.

If you sell consumer oriented products like camera bags and laptop bags, an advertising program that crosses over Connected Photographer and Computing Unplugged would be perfect for you.

This site provides details about our various advertising program. You can purchase text ads and graphic ads on the Web site, as well as ads in our Weekly Update Mailings. If you want to do any run-of-ZATZ ads across the magazines, contact us at or 321-722-4620 and we'll work out a special quote.

Check with us early about advertising in DominoPower. It's usually sold-out for at least 12 months.

Sponsoring dedicated email "blasts"

Want to reach our audience but want the message to be your message and only your message?

The best way to do this is with one or more of our dedicated email blasts. Create your own HTML or text email message and we'll mail it to the full readership of the magazine. List management and transmission included in the price. We also handle unsubscribe management from our triple-opt in subscriber lists, all with failsafe unsubscribe.

Most advertisers favor our Quarterly Partner Shoutout Package, which gets you four mailings throughout the year.

Here are some quick tips for these mailings: keep them simple and clear. It's best to use a single message and a single offer. To make sure most email clients can handle your message, be sure to keep your HTML simple and avoid linked stylesheets and complex tables. Keep it simple and you'll keep it successful.

"Want the message to be your message and only your message?"

Custom sponsor articles in our magazines

You're always welcome to submit excellent, hype-free articles to our editors. If you've got a great article, we're always interested, and there's no charge. Even if you don't advertise, and have something our readers would find interesting, you're welcome to write for us. Please see AuthorPower for writing guidelines.

But if you want to be able to publish your own special article, complete with all the details of your sales pitch, you might want to use our sponsor article vehicle.

A sponsor article is a full article in one of our magazines. To prevent confusion with our regular editorial coverage, all sponsor articles begin with the words "FROM OUR SPONSOR". Once you write the article, we'll edit according to our publishing and editorial style standards.

The sponsor article is a lot more than an ad, because it's fully integrated into our editorial library. Your article will become part of our perpetual online library of articles, indexed, searchable, listed in back issues.

"Publish your own special article, complete with all the details of your sales pitch."

One person in your company will be listed as the author. This individual will get an article byline, a bio will be published with the article, and an author page will be created in our online author database.

The sponsor article will also be widely promoted within the ZATZ Magazine Network. The article will have a link on the home page of the specified magazine for up to one month. It will also be promoted with a one-paragraph description in the Weekly Update mailing that comes out when the article is published. The article will also be also promoted as a "New Article" in the magazine's RSS news feed and on the magazine's news page.

"Consider running a sponsor article each month."

Here's a neat idea: if you want to have a regular presence in any of our magazines, consider running a sponsor article each month or one every other month. Contact us and we'll get you our volume discount information.

Logo sponsorship for one of our magazines

Logo sponsorship for one of our magazines is one of the very best ways to connect with the readers you want to reach, keep your branding in front of them, and yet have access to exceptional editorial.

When you become a logo sponsor, your logo becomes part of the magazine's logo for every page in the magazine, including all the back issue articles readers reach through their Google searches and the Weekly Update emails that go out to each of our opt-in readers.

Logo sponsorship is a great way to stand out from your competitors because there can only be one logo sponsor at a time, per magazine.

"Make the magazine your own."

If you really want to make the magazine your own, and reach out to our readers in a unique way, consider combining logo sponsorship with one or more sponsor articles each month.

If you book far enough in advance (and pending availability), Computing Unplugged and Connected Photographer can also be Exclusively Sponsored by you, giving you exclusive access to not only the logo sponsorship and article sponsorship, but all of the available Web site and mailing ad slots.

With a combination like this, you can truly combine the best of both worlds in both Computing Unplugged and Connected Photographer: cutting edge editorial and exceptional marketing positioning.

Your own custom online magazine

Perhaps the very best way to get your information out is with your own custom magazine. Using ZENPRESS and our custom magazine production tools, we can create a publication exactly like our own, but tailored to your precise editorial needs.

One key benefit to a custom ZATZ magazine is that you get to choose the editorial topic. While we cover gadgets, gear, and IT in our published magazines, your custom magazine can be on any topic you like -- either drilling further into your specialty or providing a broader overview.

When creating a custom magazine, we work with you on all aspects of the publication, from the editorial content through identity to naming, promotion, and execution.

Custom ZATZ online magazines are turnkey. You never have to deal with hosting, technology, HTML, or any of the other incredibly time-consuming challenges that we've worked out in our decade of online publishing.

And you can be sure our systems work: we "eat our own dogfood", using ZENPRESS and the very same tools we'd use for you to publish our magazines each and every week, reaching more than a million readers worldwide.

"No matter what your need, we can make you look like a superhero."

If you're interested in a custom magazine, let's set up a time and talk. No matter what your need, we can make you look like a superhero.