Ever since the company was started, ZATZ went beyond basic publishing and has done ground-breaking research into Internet publishing technologies. In 1997, we developed the first version of ZENPRESS, our editorial management and production system. Since then, ZENPRESS has been upgraded and improved continuously and has been responsible for producing and managing all of the articles and news items in all the ZATZ magazines.

In 2008, for our ten-year anniversary, we cataloged some of what ZENPRESS had accomplished:

  • 8 magazines
  • 360 authors
  • 2,338 in-depth articles
  • 36,413 news stories
  • 50,381 outbound links to other Web sites
  • 1,102,530 email newsletter subscribers
  • 529,214,400 individual email newsletters mailed
  • 1,866,000,000 Web pages served

Because we publish on the Internet, rather than using paper and ink, we also calculated the green benefits provided by ZENPRESS:

  • 287,427 trees saved
  • 1,580,849 tons of coal burning countered by reabsorbing the carbon dioxide
  • 10,719,097 houses carbon-neutral for a month
  • 89,325 houses carbon-neutral for a decade
  • 284,552,730 pounds of oxygen released into the air

Since 2008, we've continued to evolve ZENPRESS and in 2009 began a migration process, moving the editorial technology from the UserLand Frontier environment to a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. We are currently working on extending the WordPress blogging tool to have ZENPRESS' advanced editorial management and production features.

WordCamp Miami 2011

In March, David went down to WordCamp Miami to deliver a status report on the first year of the development project, moving ZENPRESS from the UserLand Frontier environment to WordPress. Here's his session: